Shrooming up Clarke Quay

Shrooming up Clarke Quay

You found it, the prettiest bundle on the block. This rainbow box is for those who don't want to decide but do want to savor every flavor of our moreish veggies! In this wonder pack, you'll get 6 scrumptious packets of Confetti wonders. Keep them, share them, or gift them to someone who needs a little color in their pantry and little flavor in their life! 

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Love mushrooms too much? We hear you! This theme bundle is for mushroom lovers who fancy a box full of crunchy Mushrooms dressed in a tasty blend of green curry spices.


  • Green Curry Mushrooms x 3
  • Black Truffle Mushrooms x 3

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One box, multiple flavors, Pinkies up, Toby

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Chips and tips

A dip is only as good as the chip. Grab a fist of Confetti and ring in a new gourmet adventure!


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