UGLY PRODUCE: Imperfect produce may be more perfect than it seems

Suffering from Hunger

Did you know over 800 million people suffer from hunger daily yet an astonishing amount of 2.9 trillion pounds of food, which is about one-third of earth’s food production is thrown away globally every year! 

As much as 20% of fruits and vegetables are being discarded along their way to the supermarkets simply due to not meeting aesthetic standards of the supermarkets. Furthermore, due to the prolonged exposure to “perfect produce”, many might perceive ugly fruits and vegetables as spoiled, rotten or damaged, hence further rejecting the ugly produce.

However, research has shown ugly fruits and vegetables are as good as the “pretty” ones, or even better. The battle scars -- dents, scabs and blemishes are signs of successful war as they rely on its antioxidant defences to fight off biting or gnawing insects or surface infection. This means that ugly produce with visible scars is actually higher in antioxidants content that will protect both plants, and probably even you, humans who eat them.

All in all, by choosing ugly fruit and vegetables, you‘re choosing both better for you and better for the planet. 

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